While most of us would not claim to be uber-fashionistas we do at least like to look up to date and in the loop. There are few people that can spend their days purchasing couture wardrobes, but you can still look great without having to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on your outfits.

One of the essential fashion items that every woman should apply as her piece de resistance, is an eau de parfum spray. There are literally thousands of fragrances out there these days. There are classics that are still super popular such as Red Door, Poison, Chanel No. 5 and so on, and these certainly still have their place in the market. Current trends in the market for fragrance are towards a lighter note and a poetic, romantic feel with floral and powdery scents coming through.

With regards to your wardrobe there is a crossover between the bohemian maxi dresses and a comeback in eighties inspired fashion with little tight dresses showing off your womanly curves. This is a fun time for fashion with wearers able to mix and match some out there styles with more classic design pieces.

You could spend thousands on keeping your wardrobe in fashion, but you don’t have to. With a few basic pieces you will have a whole lot of wardrobe options. The essential shoes to have in your closet right now include a brown boot, pumps that can be teamed with a short dress and uber tall heels that cut in around the top of the ankle. Colors to look out for include deep purple and skin tone as well as floral prints.

When it comes to sleepwear there is a move away from the cute, girlish designs that have been prominent and a move towards more of the stronger colors. Power dressing a la eighties is coming back and it is extending even into the bedroom.

Makeup is also very fashion focused and it should reflect the clothes you are wearing. There is a move away from the nude colors and soft pastel shades that have been common and more of an emphasis on bold colors. Lashes should stand out by applying a couple of layers of black mascara and a red lipstick is indispensable.

You do not need to follow every trend that comes out and if you did, you would look like a bit of a desperado. The secret to looking up to date, but not over done is to pick and choose from the latest fashions and trends according to what appeals to you and what works for your shape and complexion. Once you have shortlisted some possibles that you like try to add your own flavor to it.

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